3 Very Practical Tips on Purchasing Your Own RV

Invest in a Good Quality RV with These Helpful and Practical Tips

Buying an RV is a major investment. It is a vehicle that also functions as a home on the road. If you’re the type who is fond of going on weekend—or even prolonged—adventures on the road, this could be something to seriously consider investing in. Here are some tips to use when you go shopping […]

RV Repair Technicians Reveal the Top Three Causes of Battery Drain

Three RV Owner Habits That Could Shorten the Lifespan of Your Battery

Having a dead motorhome battery in the middle of nowhere is not something you’ll ever want to experience. But unless you keep up with its maintenance and observe proper operation, your battery is likely to expire a lot sooner than it should. Fortunately, according to RV repair technicians in Sacramento like Greg Ward at Prairie […]

Millennials Are Fueling the Growth of the Booming RV Segment and Here’s Why

RV Ownership Is on the Rise Thanks to the Younger, First-time Buyers

CNN reports that the average RV owner in Folsom and elsewhere in the U.S. is getting younger. According studies conducted by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, the typical RV owner is now 45 years old and getting even younger, it seems, as millennials are quick to join in on the trend. First time buyers also […]

Choosing between a Trailer and an RV: Which Option Makes More Sense

A Small Trailer Parked Next to a House: When to Choose One over an RV

Are you looking to buy a trailer or RV but you can’t decide? While this seems like a simple decision-making situation, it actually is a hard one considering that both options have their share of benefits and drawbacks. The following are a few thoughts that you can consider before deciding to purchase a trailer.

Telltale Signs that It’s Time For Trailer Repair

Knowing When It’s the Right Time to Get Trailer Repair for Your RV

Your trailer sees most of the action during warmer weather in the spring and summer.  With all the miles it logs on the road, it deserves some much needed rest at the end of each trip. Once you park it, however, it becomes easy for you to overlook its repair and maintenance needs, especially when […]