Millennials Are Fueling the Growth of the Booming RV Segment and Here’s Why

CNN reports that the average RV owner in Folsom and elsewhere in the U.S. is getting younger. According studies conducted by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, the typical RV owner is now 45 years old and getting even younger, it seems, as millennials are quick to join in on the trend. First time buyers also made up about 34 percent of purchases from 2016. As a result, the RV segment is thriving and manufacturers are seeing a significant uptick in their sales.

But why exactly are the younger generations fully on board with RV living? As it turns out, there are plenty of compelling reasons why.

RV Ownership Is on the Rise Thanks to the Younger, First-time Buyers

Living the Dream on a Budget

Home and car ownership paint the picture of the American Dream, but not everyone is privileged to have both today. As the average price of real estate and vehicles rise, buying a “home on wheels” instead can be a financially sound decision. The RV market offers a wide range of choices from towables which can cost less than $10,000 to luxury motorhomes priced at around $65,000 on up.

Satisfying the Need to Travel

The younger generation is a very outgoing bunch. In fact, millennials have been found to value meaningful life experiences found in learning about new cultures or seeing wonders of the world more than material things. It’s simply in their nature to seek adventure, and driving around in an RV is an excellent way to travel without bleeding cash. You don’t need to spend the night in an overpriced hotel room or splurge on restaurant meals. Having an RV basically redefines the term budget travel.

Earning Money on the Go

One other aspect that makes RV ownership so alluring to many is the opportunity to work while on the road. Thanks to the rise of home-based work and remote jobs, people who can’t stand staring at the corners of their office cubicle all day can make a living on the go. Sometimes, all it would take is your trusty laptop, a stable internet connection, and a designated workspace somewhere in the RV.

With great opportunities like these, it’s no wonder why many are opting to adapt a more nomadic approach to living. Up for the adventure of a lifetime? Just remember to start your journey right by taking your RV to a reputable service facility, such as Prairie City RV Center.


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