RV Repair Specialists Offer a Helpful Pre-Departure Checklist

If you own an RV, perhaps you’re considering a local camping trip to one of Sacramento’s many great campsites. Of course, any adventure requires a bit of preparation to ensure a good and safe time. To help you prepare for your travels, here is a quick checklist you should run through before departing.

Chassis System

The first place you should check before departing is under the hood. Check that your oil, power steering, engine coolant, transmission, and brake fluids are all within operating range. Then make sure that your battery has clean connectors and that it’s sufficiently charged.

After this, check that your foot and parking brake are both operating properly. Lastly, double-check that all your gauges are working properly and that they deliver accurate readings.

Get RV Repair First If You’re Planning to Travel Around Sacramento

Air Conditioning

You don’t want to travel in the Sacramento heat without air conditioning that keeps your cabin at a comfortable temperature. Therefore, always inspect your AC before departing. Begin by checking if the air filters are clean; look for debris lodged in the cooling coils.

You should also inspect the condensing unit. Make sure it is clean and free of obstructions—any object that blocks the airflow will cause your AC to work overtime, thereby shortening its lifespan.

Water System

One of the most crucial components of your mobile home is its water system—after all, you don’t want to run out of water in the middle of your trip. Inspect your system to see if it is drawing and dispensing water properly to avoid any hassles later.

Of course, don’t forget to fill up the fresh-water tank first. This is also the time to dump the black-and-gray water holding tank, and to disconnect the sewer hose, fresh-water house, and the coupler.

Towing System

If you’re towing a car on your trip, make sure the towing system is in good working order. First, check the condition of the tow bar; then make sure your safety chains are crossed under the coupling, hooked and not dragging. Don’t forget to inspect the tow lights as well. Then make sure that the transmission is in the proper gear to tow the additional load.

Taking a few moments to inspect your RV can save you from headaches and hazards during your trip. If you happen to see any issues that might require professional servicing, don’t hesitate to contact an RV repair expert in Sacramento. With their help, your RV’s problems will be repaired in time for your departure.


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