RV User 101: Safety Tips for Severe Weather on the Road

Weather is an inseparable part of our life and just like life, it is unpredictable. Severe weather conditions such as floods, lightning, tornados, hurricanes, and hail have taken more lives than any of us care to imagine. According to the statistics published by the National Weather Service, there are approximately 450 weather fatalities in 2016 alone.

When traveling we are much more exposed to the elements. Severe weather can be especially troublesome for those who travel in an RV. RV owners must make safety a priority and give thought to it ahead of time. They cannot afford to make a last-minute decisions when faced with a snowstorm or other extreme weather condition. There are safety precautions they must heed when it comes to severe weather problems.

Severe Weather Conditions? Follow These RV Safety Tips to Keep Safe

Keep Yourself Updated with One or More Weather Apps & Weather Radio

Most people have smartphones these days, so harnessing it to keep yourself safe seems like a logical thing to do. A weather app enables you to get real-time update straight from the National Weather Service. According to a veteran RV owner, using more than one app might be a wise step to take. If one app malfunctions or has issues connecting you have a backup.

Internet access on your phone may not be possible where you are traveling. The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is a government-funded band of scientists who study the skies and oceans. Get a NOAA radio for your RV to get weather warnings in case your smartphone can’t connect where you are staying.

Prepare for Emergencies

It should be noted in the RV owner’s basic handbook that an emergency survival kit is a vital, must-have that needs be readily accessible. What should be included in such kit? Flashlight, batteries, and phone chargers are important and it should contain an emergency food and water supply.

Common Sense Is the Best Protection

Living or traveling in an RV means you must be responsible for yourself. Prepare yourself for what to do and where to go when severe weather hits. Make a sound plan before you travel, and trust that plan. Monitor weather conditions so you are aware of any impending weather dangers.

Owning a Recreational Vehicle is truly a great pleasure. Preparing yourself with these safety tips will only enhance your experience and put your mind at ease. Fun travel is responsible travel!


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