These RV Parts Should Always Be Left to a Trailer Repair Professional

It may be tempting to try to fix and maintain your own RV in hopes of saving on repair costs. You might also think that your mechanical skills and the knowledge you gained from YouTube videos are enough to complete the needed repairs. The truth, however, is that RVs are different from regular cars. Their capacity is bigger than a car, and therefore, an RV requires a certain set of skills and techniques to maintain.

More often than not, do-it-yourselfers cause more harm than good when trying to make repairs themselves. For instance, a 240v electrical system should only be worked on by a licensed electrician because it could pose serious hazards in the hands of a novice. While there are things you can do, there are parts you need to let a professional handle. Knowing your limitations will help keep your RV running safe and smooth.

Trailer Repair Needs and How a Professional Can Help You Fix Them

Wheel Bearings

Avoid replacing wheel bearings yourself, if you don’t have any experience with bearings. What you can do, however, is check their condition by feeling the hubs after a drive. If the hubs are too hot to touch, then the bearings might be way past their prime. You can also determine whether the bearings are in working order by jacking up the wheel, placing a rated automotive stand beneath it, and rocking the wheel back and forth. If you sense an unusual movement or vibration in the wheel, then have the bearings checked.


The brakes are obviously the most crucial auto component when it comes to road safety. Faulty brake pads can cause accidents, so make sure that they are checked regularly. In case they need to be changed, ask a professional to do it. This is the only way to give yourself and your passengers peace of mind that the brakes are installed properly.

Gas System

A leak in the gas system should never be ignored. A technician should be the only one delegated to fix it, since he has the right tools for the job and knows what to look for in the gas lines. You can check for gas leaks by spraying a soapy solution onto gas joints and connections. The emergence of bubbles indicates a leak. When this happens, call a professional immediately.

These are only some RV parts that should not be repaired by an inexperienced person. Keep in mind that your RV will only run efficiently if the parts are in good condition. Don’t compromise your safety and convenience. Instead, leave all the trailer repair work to a professional in Folsom.


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